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Albury/Wodonga missing a few Channels

Hi, thank you for your service to the guide community.

I think Albury Wodonga feed is missing a few channels: #57 Gecko and #67 iShopTV, #64 7mateHD Albury, #65 7Bravo, #68 Racing, #84 TVSN. Some are there but have different channel numbers, so they don't auto match.

Plex won't allow you to add the channel if there is no guide, if there isn't one for #67 can a channel be created in the XML file to list it as a valid channel, but can have no guide data?

Here is a scan from my HDHomeRun

Any chance of those being added? I see Melbourne feed has the #57 as #17 Gecko VIC, can that be added into Albury Wodonga as #57 Gecko VIC?

I'll have a look and check.  I assume you're still seeing this issues?

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Yeah I am, hope it's an easy fix. I did eventually remap all the others but the only one now i can't get is #57 Gecko (aka #17 Gecko VIC "Melbourne XML field").

We haven't forgotten about you @odderotter!  Tony has been preoccupied, but will get to this soon.

It should be a relatively easy fix ....

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No probs at all, you do a wonderful job and offer a wonderful service, more than happy to wait.

Hi @odderotter, can you please refresh your guide and check again pls.  The guide has been updated