Free Australian XML TV Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Update: April 2023

6th – Cleaned up duplicate programs
Updated series / movie and new flags on program listings
Added forum to
10th – Added a catch all for Tasmanian, South Australian and QLD Regional Guides

Update: March 2023

4th – Please keep sending through missing stations, we have also updated the scripts so please let us know if you notice any issues.
5th – Please check stations and your mappings before raising a question as we are doing regular updates.
– readded support for duplicate channels
28th – Updated Canberra Channels
Added 9Rush for Gold Coast
We will start removing legacy .XMLTV files. If this affects you please reconfigure plex to use the .XML files listed below.

30th – All *.xmltv files are now removed – please link to the standard xml files
– Cleaned up channel listing – please let us know if you are missing any or need channels removed for your region.

Update: Feb 2023

Please note due to recent changes in the guide providers we have had to modify this service.

We have changed the way we retrieve and update the XML files. Please note the following;

  • The regions may be slightly different so you may have to select a new region
  • You may have to remap channel in Plex.
  • In some cases the first day will display “unknown airing” in plex however will be fine the next day
  • All the regions are now complete (pls send through suggestions if yours is not listed).
    • If your region hasn’t been updated please double check above, if still not working send through a message in the comments.
    • If channels are missing please again follow instructions and message us with details in comments.

The guide generally will be updated daily and contain 7 days but may occasionally fall short.

This was the collaborative effort of a number people to provide the XML Guide to Plex users in Australia. Big Shout out to Mark and Michelle who made this all possible. The github site with their work can be found here.

The following links are for Freeview Guide for Australian Cities. This was primarily designed for Plex users and the instructions can be found on the Plex Website for using an XML Guide.

We recommend changing the DVR settings in Plex to check the guide every 12 hours to assist in keeping your guide updated.

If you are using another device please be considerate of the providers we do not test the compatibility or use on any other system. We provide this service free of charge and we cannot test every tuner/pvr etc.

To help us track any questions and request please submit them on the github page. Before submitting any questions;
a) Please rescan the channels in the Plex Live TV & DVR setup for all tuners.
b) Ensure all the channels are mapped correctly, if you have multiple tuners check all tuners.
c) Please include the region you are in to assist in any troubleshooting.
d) Please also check with Plex forums first as most issues are in the configuration in Plex.

To use the XML just cut and paste the below link for your locations into the “XMLTV Guide” location during DVR setup.